Vanity of Vanities

Vanity of Vanities poem by Anesu Michael Maposa

Vanity, Vanity

Everything is Vanity

Playing smart

And not being clever

Walking in inequity to achieve vanity Continue reading →

How to increase WordPress file import size


I have been working on a client’s website and i wanted to import the WordPress XML file that i have exported from the site i was designing on my server onto the new server and i was hit with that 2MB Maximum Upload size Bummer! So i thought, how to increase WordPress file import size?

How to increase wordpress file import size.

How to increase wordpress file import size. :)

So i tried the old trick of adding a php.ini file onto my root directory and that did not solve my problem. I then tried adding the htaccess code solution and that did not work either. These fixes seem to be working well on the pre WordPress 3.8.1 versions with no problem but my new site is running WordPress 4.3. Continue reading →

UK Company releases 10 Independence Ngoda Game Changers under 35 list!

“10 Independence Ngoda Game-Changers under 35”

A UK based company SPE Media has in partnership with Dindingwe Media (ZW) released a list of 10 influential young Zimbabweans born after 1980, ahead of Zimbabwe’s 35th Independence Commemorations with the theme 1980 – So Far So Good. Continue reading →

How to Reload or Refresh Fonts in Photoshop Without Restarting It

Ever wondered how you can refresh or reload your newly installed fonts in Photoshop without having to restart the Photoshop App? Today as i am working on my client’s website (CAAPS) i am also working on the website graphics and i wanted to use the same font on the website on them, Oswald Font and it was not available on my MacBook Pro.
So i downloaded and installed but alas, it was not available in my Photoshop CS6 straightaway. Continue reading →

Bulawayo24 Goes digging on our Dindingwe Media Influential Youth List

Chamu Chiwanza

Well ZimMail published our Dindingwe Media Influential Youth Icons List on 7 June 2014 and Bulawayo24’s journalist Matthews Estell went in for the digging and this is what he came up with when he interviewed Munyaradzi Gwatidzo and Chamu Chiwanza. Continue reading →